The New Uncanny

Uncanny X-Force

X force, the X-men’s black ops. hit squad have been given a new run. Always my favourite X spin-off, with the possible exception of X Factor Investigates, at the risk of geeking out, they’ve been the strongest comics I’ve read so far in 2011.

Despite using the two most over-exposed characters in the Marvel Universe, Wolverine and Deadpool, the series still manages to be enthrallingly fresh. The scripts and new characters have all been amazing. The first half of issue three, in which the back-story to the final horsemen is revealed is set out as four one page mini stories, each with a different artistic feel, referencing the point in history the characters originate (feudal Japan, ancient Greece, civil war era America, and ancient Persia.

Issue four had two moments that literally shocked me. I was on a bus and said “Oh, my god.” I didn’t shout it, but I’m afraid it was audible. I was the guy on the bus reading comics and talking to himself. No Matter. Check out this from Jerome Opena, Dean White, and Esad Ribic. The best narrative art I’ve seen in a long while. Maybe even better than Thunderbolts…Definatly better than either X Men title…



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One Response to The New Uncanny

  1. Bradley says:

    To be honest I’m still kind of undecided about Opena’s art on the new X-Force. He seems to be trying pretty hard to emulate the same sort of style Clayton Crain was doing on the previous X-Force series but it doesn’t seem to quite work.

    The covers are sweet though.

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